OD Ø 16mm planet gear motor

PG16-050 16mm metal planetary gearbox dc motor

Item No.: PG16-050

small size planetary reduction gearbox motor
1.match dc motor 050
2.D type shaft at Ø3*L11.5mm
3.metallurgy gears

mini planetary reduction gearbox motor

large torque,long life,low noise

1) Model number: PG16-050

2) Output power: less than 1.5w

3) Dia Ø16× total length (40.6~55)mm, exclude output shaft length

4) Typical applications: Laminator, Auto-actuator, Micro CNC equipment, Playstation, Air diffuser, Washing Machine, ATM, Vendor machine, Water softener, Safe box, Face tissue, Robotics, Advertising board, Disinfection cabinet, Water storage tank, Mulch applicator, Move-camera, Remote control toys, Card machine, Hair roller, Mover machine, Medical equipment, Wind energy equipment, Printer, Stage lighting, Car accessories, Juicer, Press, Currency detector, TV bracket, Water IC card, Water quality analyzer, Blinds, Massager, Fish tank cleaner, Fingerprint lock

2. Parameter data

The following parameters are for reference only, we can do according to customer's requirements, customization parameters

16MM Planetary Gear Motor, PG16-050
1.Rated Voltage:1.5-24V
3.Can be equipped with encoder
4.High power,low noise
5.metal brush
6.Reduction Ratio 1/4,1/5,1/16,1/19,1/29,1/62,1/84,1/104,1/231,1/316,1/370,1/455 ....