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Company Party

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During this autumn harvest season, the breeze is sloppy, the birds and flowers are fragrant, especially almost at the end of the year, and the enthusiasm of everyone in our company is exceptionally high.

In order to cater to the festive atmosphere of the festival, under the leadership of the general manager and deputy generals, the large group of the company held a grand gathering on the eve of the festival. During the lunchtime lunch, the boss told everyone about it, and the experience made us feel a strong family atmosphere.

In order to thank the boss and the deputy general for their care, we have awarded the leaders with a deep and affectionate wine. The rich wines float above the table and carry unlimited warmth to make the whole gathering fun. In a burst of laughter and laughter, the dinner was held in a burst of warm applause.

Although the dinner party is over, the feeling of the fragrance drifting into the nose is always clear. All of us are from heaven and earth, living in different ages. But after a joke on the table, a blessing, and a voice of encouragement, we deeply remembered a lovely face and remembered this moment. Through this dinner, we always feel that our company is a big family. There are warmth, friendship, teaching, and many training platforms for us. This special gathering allowed us to understand each other, to know each other, promote the establishment of friendship, promote the high unity of the team, and inject great power into meeting new challenges in the future.

We will remember the hope that the boss has placed on us. In addition to expressing our sincere gratitude, we will remember that we will never shrink back in the face of difficulties and add luster to the company. In short, although this dinner is short-lived, the reward for everyone is extraordinary.

Today, life is the stage for us, and tomorrow we will add brilliance to life.